What To Do (And What Not To Do) To Boss Men’s Fashion Week

 Speak To Everyone

From emerging designers to big-time bloggers, snap-happy photographers to snappy PRs, fashion week is a breeding ground for important contacts, so don’t be stuck up and always remember your manners. It’s a very small world and there’s every chance snubbing someone could come back to bite you in the proverbial – whether that’s being blacklisted from a show or denied entry to a party – so it pays to make an effort to get off on the right foot.

That rules applies especially in the case of fashion week’s unsung heroes: security guards. Charm them, and you could stand a chance of getting in without a ticket.

Don’t: Wear Sunglasses To A Show

Not even if you’re sitting front row, not even if you’re the editor of some obscure Japanese menswear magazine, not even if it’s your own show.

The primary purpose of sunglasses is to keep the sun out of your eyes, and, last time we checked, the majority of show venues come equipped with a roof and four walls. As hard as you might try, you won’t look like Keith Richards, you’ll look like Mugatu fromZoolander, so remove the Ray-Bans and leave indoor shades to Lagerfeld.

Mugatu - Zoolander

Do: Eat

It may sound simple, but it’s harder than you think. Fashion weeks might serve up rivers of free booze but the canapés come in such microscopic portions that a flap of a passing coattail is all it takes to send them flying.

Also sometimes – amidst the hubbub – you literally just forget. So get a square meal before you start hammering the champagne, even if it’s just a few bags of some desperate food sponsor’s popcorn or fruit snacks that taste suspiciously like fragrance. Because jeans look good splattered with paint, not vomit.

Don’t: Go Too Crazy With Your Outfit

Just because everyone’s taking pictures of you, it doesn’t mean you’re dressed well. Take it from us: sauntering around like a time-travelling Victorian astronaut will only lead to you getting savagely ripped apart online.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a statement print or an experimental fit, but stop short of peacocking/piling it all on at once. Street style photographers worth being papped by look for style that other people can relate to, so you need to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing to win real kudos.


Don’t: Wear A Full Suit

The full-on sartorial look that’s dominated recent menswear fashion weeks is dying out. Less dandy, more dressed-down, a tee, jeans and white trainers are better suited to menswear’s current vibe than a tweed three-piece and double monks. Even David Gandy’s loosening up.

For a look that’s bang up to date, try swapping your bomber for a souvenir jacket. The backstory to this punchy style dates back to the end of World War II in Japan, when US servicemen commissioned jackets embroidered with a mix of Eastern and Western iconography, like tigers and eagles. They’re an easy way to spice up a simple outfit, and with such epic origins, you’ll always have something to make small talk about.


Do: Take A Portable Smartphone Charger

Is there anything better than being the first person to ‘gram a show’s best outfit and watching the likes roll in? Probably a lot, but in terms of fashion weeks, it’s the pinnacle.

Still, your battery can drain quickly from all that filtering, hashtagging and Boomeranging, so in the interest of staying juiced, it’s worth keeping a portable battery pack handy. A lot more practical than trying to make a cappuccino last an hour in Starbucks while you hog a corner plug socket.

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Anker Astro E1 Compact Portable Charger

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