Nike Classic Cortez

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. And a very lucrative thing. Which is why, faced with a creative block, trainer brands default to their archives.

After all, a reissue builds upon the romantic notions old-school sneaker collectors love – of the days before these whippersnappers came along and stole all that was sacred about Reebok Classics.

But at the same time, said ‘snappers get something new, with a reissue stamp that only validates the model as Hall of Fame material. No wonder the queues for the year’s biggest trainer reissues have been so long.

Puma Clyde

You can keep your Stan Smiths. The Puma Clyde is a trainer for only the most learned of sneakerheads.

Launched in 1973, the silhouette was made famous by Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier’s endorsement (psst, star player of the New York Knicks) and then became a skate punk and hip-hop staple, slotted on the feet of heroes like Chad Muska and Mike Carroll.

Granted, not mainstream names. But the underground rep is what makes the Clyde so legendary.

puma clyde

Nike Classic Cortez

The Nike Classic Cortez is much more than a running shoe.

Designed by Olympic track coach Bill Bower, this hi-spec tread was designed for podium-chasing athletes of the 1970s, but the styling means that even if running tech has outpaced them, they still deserve a spot in your off-track squad.

Nike Cortez OG

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