Lessons We Learned At Pitti Uomo 89

Checked Tailoring Is Still A Thing

If there are two things Pitti types rate, it’s tailoring and gutsy statements. Put them together and you’ve got something they go pretty much pazzo for. Checked tailoring – whether plaids, windowpanes or Prince of Wales – was (not for the first time) front and centre at this season’s Pitti.

And if there’s one thing to take away from the way they wore it, it’s getting your dosage right. Bolder checks are great, but don them head-to-toe and you run the risk of failing (see lesson 6) rather than flexing.

Pitti Uomo 89 Street Style - Checked Tailoring

  • SELECTED HOMME EXCLUSIVE MULTI COLOUR CHECK BLAZER IN SKINNYSelected Homme Exclusive Multi Colour Check Blazer In Skinny Fit FIT
  • ASOS SLIM CHINOS IN CHECK PRINTAsos Slim Chinos In Check Print
  • TED BAKER ENDURANCE REGISLJ STERLING CHECKED JACKETTed Baker Endurance Regislj Sterling Checked Jacket
  • JACK & JONES PREMIUM CHECK BLAZER WITH STRETCH IN SLIM FITJack & Jones Premium Check Blazer With Stretch In Slim Fit
  • REISS JAGGER CHECKED TEXTURED BLAZERReiss Jagger Checked Textured Blazer
  • RIVER ISLAND CAMEL CHECK WOOL-BLEND BLAZERRiver Island Camel Check Wool-blend Blazer
  • TOPMAN NAVY AND GREY CHECK SKINNY FIT SUIT TROUSERSTopman Navy And Grey Check Skinny Fit Suit Trousers
  • TOPMAN NAVY WINDOW CHECK SKINNY FIT TROUSERSTopman Navy Window Check Skinny Fit Trousers
  • GUCCI GREY MONACO SLIM-FIT CHECKED WOOL SUITGucci Grey Monaco Slim-fit Checked Wool Suit

2. Classic Doesn’t Have To Mean Colourless

Somewhere in the annals of menswear it’s written that punchy colours can’t be considered ‘classic’. But, then again, we also thought the world was flat at one point, so it’s fair to say that sometimes historians get it very, very wrong.

At Pitti 89, classic suiting and colour weren’t so much mutually exclusive as entwined in a kind of stylish symbiosis. In fact, the trade show was awash with chalk blue, lime green, coral and other not-so-wallflowery hues that have, like a designer with an attitude problem or an especially hungry model, a reputation for being difficult.

The trick is, for the colours at least, to a) be sparing, as above, and b) reference a colour wheel as well as the mirror before stepping out. Clashing is all very well but steer it complementary rather than car crash.

Pitti Uomo 89 Street Style - Bold Coloured Tailoring

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