8 Reasons To Be More Like Idris Elba

1. He Knows The Trends That Work For Him

Time’s a great teacher. With over four decades under his belt, Elba has learned to trim the fat from his wardrobe, refining it so that timeless staples are kept stocked high and flash-in-the-pan fare is weeded right out. You won’t find any sliders, extreme longline tees or cross-eye-inducing prints here.

That doesn’t mean Elba avoids trying his hand at trends, though. He just tries on them on for size in a subtle way that doesn’t compromise his larger frame. A bold trouser here, a coloured shoe there; this is a man who’s mastered the art of deploying bold prints, hues and fabrics in small bursts, without letting his signature style suffer.


Idris Elba - Trend Outfit Lookbook

2. He Can Wear The Hell Out Of A Suit

There are many reasons why Elba was tipped by bookies to succeed Daniel Craig as the new 007. And stellar acting chops aside, we’d like to think it’s because he looks as sharp in a suit as any other of Her Majesty’s MI6 agents.

The key to Elba’s formalwear success is his secret weapon: a good tailor on speed dial. Taller than average and muscular in stature, Elba knows his frame needs some expert input to looks its best. Which is why each suit, whether a Prince of Wales check or midnight blue tux, has been nipped and tucked to perfectly flatter his form.

Any agent in the making knows that a few millimetres shaved off the sleeve or the leg makes all the difference – which is why you’ll never see his trousers pooling or his cuffs around his palms.


Idris Elba - Suits and Tuxedos Outfit Lookbook

3. His Off-Duty Is On Point

Elba doesn’t stunt solely on the red carpet: his downtime looks are just as smartly put-together, bridging the gap between buttoned-up and casual as effortlessly as the man himself moves from big-screen acting to basement club deck-spinning.

It could be a fitted polo shirt with slim-fit chinos, or a cashmere jumper with selvedge denim and brown Derbies – whatever the smart-casual combo, Elba knows exactly how to dress comfortably without having to curb his style.

Oh and kudos to one of the very few men over forty who’s managed to master the ‘mankle’.

Idris Elba Casual/Off-Duty Outfit Lookbook

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